Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meeting with God - part 1

Madhav Mathur was very ambitious since his childhood. He lived a happy life. He has the nicest parent,a wonderful girl friend (Gita) and a best friend (Roy) he can count on. But life can always give u wat u least expect and when u least expect it to happen. This was the same case with Madhav.

He wanted to become a businessman. After graduation he planned to open up a new company. At first he succeeded , with the help of some investors he started a computer consultancy firm. But in business you can have your ups and downs and Madhav's case was no different. One wrong move and he ended bankrupt.

He lost everything , but most importantly he lost faith in his life and in the people he cared about so much. To pay up his debts he got a job in a place he would've least expected to go , a call center.
"My life is screwed", he thought .

He went to a call center situated in Malad in a building called Mindspace. He worked night shifts there. This is where his troubles starts. He found some new friends at the call center . Friends he thought would give him some peace of mind and would be there if they needed him. But this friendship was costly, he soon began drinking and smoking weed.

He thought now my life is the call center.
But fate had something else in store for him. One day while on his routine call from a customer in US.

"Hello this is Mark Madison from AT & T how can I help you sir?" he said in the usual American accent that call center employees are suppose to speak.

"Are u calling from India", a grumpy , bored with life type of man answered with US accent.

"I am sorry sir , I am not supposed to disclosed my location , but tell sir how can i help you", he said in a polite but impatient tone.

"Yea ", the American guy said. "You can help me by giving me your job", the American guy said with disgust.

He was getting impatient. Controlling his anger he said,"Sir how can i help you regarding your AT & T connection".

"By giving me your job you crazy fool", the American guy replied.

He couldnt control his anger anymore and he spat out at the American , "What do you think we are? huh . You Americans think , you are so smart , but the reality is your the dumbest of the lot." and with this he pulled out his headset more hurtingly then he intended to. With this he cursed in whispers "Bloody Americans".

Later he realized that his every call is been monitored. After a few minutes had gone by he got a call on his intercom . He heard his boss' voice , "Madhav in my office now" .

Fearing the worst he entered his boss' office. Before he can explain anything , his boss began , "you know the way u spoke , was totally uncalled for" . Lowering his head , he said "Yes sir" . "And this call center does not tolerate such non sense", "Yes sir" he repeated .

He again started his explanation , but his boss stopped him midway and said "you are fired, i dont want to listen to any crap of yours. You have one day to pack up your belongings . Now leave". He wanted to argue , but he knew how stubborn his boss was and gave up that idea.

This was the lowest phase of his life. Bankruptcy was ok as compared to being fired, he thought.
Instead of going home he decided to head for the beach which was 10 mins away from his place.
When he reached there , he immediately broke down in tears and looked towards the sky.

"Why God , why did you create me , why did you create such a cruel world. ", he shouted, this time with anger.

"I know you can hear me.", he continued. "I've prayed to your idol , everyday. But wat have you given me , nothing. People say you listen to the needy, hah they were wrong. I am sure you must be laughing at my situation." .

But as he spoke in the eerie calmness with only the noise from the waves, a shadowy figure was looming behind him . He looked hideous with rags to cover his body , but had a knife in his hand and looked no eager to have mercy.

Madhav sensed that he was been watched and turned around.

With the huge force he dug that sharp knife into Madhav's shoulder . "What the !!! Arrrrrgghhhhhhh ", he screamed .

He laid there flat on the sand wet with Madhav's blood and whiteness slowly taking over him.......

To be continued in the next part ..

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