Monday, December 07, 2009

Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh....

This is a song from the movie(yet to be released) 3 idiots.... This really moved me because its the thing i have always dreamed of becoming... The lyrics goes like this..

Behti hawa sa tha woh
Udti patang sa tha woh
Kahan gaya usae dhoondo

Behti hawa sa tha woh
Udti patang sa tha woh
Kahan gaya usae dhoondo
Hum o to raahein thi chalati
Woh khud apni raah banata
Girta, sambhalta, masti mein chalta tha woh

Hum ko kal ki fikar sataati
Woh bus aaj ka jashn manaata
Har lamhe ko khul ke jeeta tha woh

Kahan se aaya tha woh
Chhoo ke humare dil ko
Kahan gaya usae dhoondo

Sulagti dhoop mein chhaaon ke jaisa
Raegistaan mein gaaon ke jaisa
Mann ke ghaav pe marham
Jaisa tha woh
Hum sahme se rehte koovein mein
Woh nadiya mein gotae lagata
Ulti dhara cheer ke tairta tha woh

Baadal awara tha woh
Yaar humara tha woh
Kahan gaya usae dhoondo
Hum ko to raahein thi chalati
Woh khud apni raah banata
Girta, sambhalta, masti mein chalta tha woh
Hum ko kal ki fikr sataati
Woh bus aaj ka jashn manaata
Har lamhe ko khul ke jeeta tha woh

Kahan se aaya tha woh
Chhoo ke humare dil ko
Kahan gaya usae dhoondo

Cheers :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Leave Out All The Rest.......

Absolutely Love this song by Linkin' Park .....

Friday, July 31, 2009

My Last Working Day email at Infosys....

Since i had no other topic to blog about... well i thought ill put my Last Working Day email at Infosys on display for people who havent seen it .. so here it is...
Sub: Farewell Infosys!!! Its time to say goodbye....
Dear All,

I’ve always believed that "Destiny is only by choice and not by chance" and I am glad that I chose to join Infosys. If I hadn’t I would’ve missed meeting so many wonderful people, building on both personal and professional relationships and getting once in a lifetime experience.

The day has come when I have to say goodbye to a place which became my second home away from home. This eventful and joyous journey in Infosys started on 28th August 2007.

The heaven called Mysore where I had the best days of my life with some of the most wonderful people of August LC1 Generic and Finacle batch. My heartiest thank you to my friends whom I spent most of my time with be it arguing on some topic to pulling each other’s leg .. You all have etched a special place in my heart and soul .. A special thank you to my mentors in Finacle for teaching me the nuances of Finacle.

From Mysore to the production environment in Chennai where I met my post training mentors… I would like to thank Subramaniam Sundaram, Gayathri Devi and Shyamala Ganesan for your help, support and all the knowledge you folks have showered on me when I initially joined production as a novice in Payment Systems.

The Payments Team, I would like to thank all my project managers and my peers for the patience and faith they have showed in me during my stint in Infosys.

And last but not the least my roommates and friends in Chennai … I will remember you lifelong for all the fun filled times we have had. There hasn’t been a single moment when I felt lonely in company of you guys…

It’s as if my entire life in Infosys is flashing in front of my eyes and its making me nostalgic…

As I venture into the next adventurous journey at University of Buffalo in New York .. I won’t be going alone… with me I would be taking tones of knowledge and memories full of joys and happiness.

Finally …Thank you INFOSYS for making me what I am today.

After today employee no. 92410 will cease to exists. This is Herat Acharya signing off from INFOSYS. I wish everyone success in all the endeavors and challenges you take up.

Until we meet again … Adios!!!!

Warm Regards,
Herat :)

“When we see a star, we admire its glitter, the twinkle catching our eye, and all through our lives, we only see the twinkle, whenever we see the star. we know but fail to see, what all it takes to be a star is an unending fire. A fire that’s beneath the surface , the fire that made it the star it is. and had we seen the star this way, we might have woken up to the fact, that the only thing separating us from being a star, is the lack of fire within our hearts. Ignite the fire within and you’ll be the star you want to be …” So that was my Last working day email at Infosys hope you liked it.... Until u hear from me next time ... Cya....

Monday, July 20, 2009

My brief tryst with Nandan!!!!

Hey guys,
This is about my two second meeting with nandan.... no its not the regular house servant nandu :D .... Its Nandan Nilekani one of the most respected men in the IT industry....:) ....

Ok before i start ... a little bit of background information... I was working in Infosys (just quit)and posted in Mahindra City - Chennai... And was working in a department called Finacle.....

It was a Monday .... A normal sleepy day .. as all the working days are... except a Friday.... I am sure all the working professionals would agree to that... :) ... As always I was coding... there isn't a moments respite in Finacle... :) .. And as a dress code in Infosys Mondays and Tuesdays we have to come in full formals that includes ties as well... Yea u got that right ... in the sweltering hot weather of Chennai we had to wear a tie :( ...

There was a visit scheduled by Nandan Nilekani that day.. andddd in comes our hero... :) .... yep.... Like that scene in Ghajini where Amir Khan is flanked by his managers and walking like a stud..... Ok .. coming back to the story.. He enters... sees at all the hard working employees of Infosys... its always a flurry of activities in Infosys... he checks out all the employees... umm they all had ties as it was a Monday.... He realizes... gosh .. i don't have a tie... like the ethical man that he is.... tells the DC Head that I'll go get my tie.. i can't be without a tie when every one else is wearing one.. Goes back to his car and gets a tie....

Ok in comes my entry (The second hero :P ).... What was i doing then... was with my module leader at her desk and discussing some bit of codes that i wrote... I heard some loud noises ... and wondered where was it coming from ...It seemed like noises to me because they were discussing something in high profile language that only corporate big wigs use and we employees.. the normal people could never understand... :) ... I looked up to see who were making those noises and saw like Nandan Nilekani staring at me .... It was like a If-it-weren't-for-these-people-I-would-have-killed-you-type-of looks.... I was like very happy to see Nandan Nilekani very closely just one feet away... and also curious to know why he gave me such a look ...

It was after a few days that I came to realize the reason for The Look.. :) ... It was just an informal meeting with the DC head with all the employees of Our Area that I came know this reason... He recited the very same story that has been told above about the tie to show his ethics (just as an example)... Apparently... I wasn't wearing a tie and as per rules i was suppose to wear one... :D.. He must be feeling like a king about to ask his faithful soldiers "Who is this miscreant? Disobeying my orders... Guards!!! Take him to the dungeons!"... (Phew!! Luckily that didn't happen... :) )

And that was my little tryst with Nandan Nilekani..... He is one hell of an ethical man... And after that my respect for him grew a lot.. Though i continued to not wearing a tie on Mondays and Tuesdays .. ;).... hehe yea i m a rebel... :P ..


PS: This post is meant to be taken lightly and as a joke and not seriously.. And yea my quitting Infosys was not in any way related to the above reason .. :D ...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Infy taught me!!!

There comes a moment in every ones lives that changes everything, the way you perceive and look at things, the way you think and life as a whole.... That moment came when i stepped into Infosys campus in mysore.

It was the first time I was moving out of the protective shadows of my parents.. or in other words out of my comfort zone... I came to know and experience what responsibility means in the truest sense of the word.... before that i didn't care what the world was thinking about me .. it was just play and play and play .... Its not like that anymore... frankly i didn't know if its a good thing or bad... frankly i still hadnt lost the child in me.... It was as if a tiger cub was sent into the jungle to fend for itself without the protection of its mother(spare me for my metaphor :).. but its true).. But I learnt ... and finally it was every man for himself... And i am still learning...

I always thought that i would achieve what no man or woman have ever achieved in life... ie. Greatness.... Later when i joined infosys i realized that there were about million others thinking the same thing ... but ultimately only few ever achieve it... will i achieve that .. only time will tell.. Herat Acharya had finally arrived... the only thing that matters is how LOUD you are in saying this... how much can you shout and make the world notice you.... I promised myself that next time I would be LOUDER... :)

As a kid I used to fall down a lot and hurt myself a lot ... My mom use to have the first aid kit ready as soon as i came home after playing.... But the most fascinating thing was that every time I used to find new ways to fall down.. but then i would rise pick up the ball and go back to play again..... I have fallen many times .. only thing this time i didn't hurt myself physically and every fall has been different and enlightening in a way (that enlightenment came from my PM after his scolding :)) .. In short .. yea i screwed up many times.... the important thing i learnt from it all was to rise with a smile .. knowing that next time you fall it will be a different fall ... :) ... I guess you need to fall a lot inorder to be perfect in what you do...

I have believed always that every one has a script written somewhere... You just need to discover it yourself... My real life(or the script) has just started... The earlier part was just the intro...

- Herat