Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Infy taught me!!!

There comes a moment in every ones lives that changes everything, the way you perceive and look at things, the way you think and life as a whole.... That moment came when i stepped into Infosys campus in mysore.

It was the first time I was moving out of the protective shadows of my parents.. or in other words out of my comfort zone... I came to know and experience what responsibility means in the truest sense of the word.... before that i didn't care what the world was thinking about me .. it was just play and play and play .... Its not like that anymore... frankly i didn't know if its a good thing or bad... frankly i still hadnt lost the child in me.... It was as if a tiger cub was sent into the jungle to fend for itself without the protection of its mother(spare me for my metaphor :).. but its true).. But I learnt ... and finally it was every man for himself... And i am still learning...

I always thought that i would achieve what no man or woman have ever achieved in life... ie. Greatness.... Later when i joined infosys i realized that there were about million others thinking the same thing ... but ultimately only few ever achieve it... will i achieve that .. only time will tell.. Herat Acharya had finally arrived... the only thing that matters is how LOUD you are in saying this... how much can you shout and make the world notice you.... I promised myself that next time I would be LOUDER... :)

As a kid I used to fall down a lot and hurt myself a lot ... My mom use to have the first aid kit ready as soon as i came home after playing.... But the most fascinating thing was that every time I used to find new ways to fall down.. but then i would rise pick up the ball and go back to play again..... I have fallen many times .. only thing this time i didn't hurt myself physically and every fall has been different and enlightening in a way (that enlightenment came from my PM after his scolding :)) .. In short .. yea i screwed up many times.... the important thing i learnt from it all was to rise with a smile .. knowing that next time you fall it will be a different fall ... :) ... I guess you need to fall a lot inorder to be perfect in what you do...

I have believed always that every one has a script written somewhere... You just need to discover it yourself... My real life(or the script) has just started... The earlier part was just the intro...

- Herat

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me! said...

hey, great blog dude...

i know u will learn a lot of new things in US and achieve a lot of other things... i am sure u will succeed on all the fronts in life...

i cant believe u r really going away!
it feels like we just met yesterday..


do you really HAVE to go?


why does this happen to me? why does everyone i love, leaves me one day and flies off to US? why GOD why??

*sob* *gulp* *sob*

i am sure u will make new friends in there, a lot of friends... but pleeeasse dont forget me!
i will send you a post-card every month and a greeting card on your birthday...

*sob* *smile* *sob*

i will really miss you herat..
come back soon...and make all of us proud!


good luck with ur Microsoft bro..keep rocking..

Shweta said...

good luck !

Herat Acharya said...

@chinmay: Out of millions of blogs in blogger do u find only my blog to crash .. :D

Life 24*7 said...

Loved your post !! Move aside world ... here comes Herat Acharya !!! Wish you all the very best in all your endeavours !!! You will do fantastic !!!