Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meeting with God - part 2

Read part1 too first before reading part 2

Madhav was lying flat on a solid floor. When he woke up he found himself on a greyish area. On one side he could see nothing except black and the silhouette of a door at the far end , and on the other side it was totally white, purest of the white and here too a door was present not too far away.

" Where am i ", he thought to himself. "What a weird place".

He suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw a man with a fairest complexion and a warmest of the smile. "Whoa !!! Who .. who .. are you? Where am i" , he asked to the man.

"Hey hey buddy !! Cool down . Well for starters i own this place. The black side is hell, the white side is heaven and the grey area on which you are standing is the intersection of heaven and hell " ,He said

"Who are you?" Madhav repeated. "I am God", He answered .

When he heard this Madhav burst into laughter. "hahahaha!!! Thanx man i wanted a good laugh."

God smiled again. The warmth from his smile was evident. "Well yeah people often have that
kinda reaction when they see me".

"I dont see any thing Godly about u. Where are your angels in heaven and in hell where are all those demons.", He said

This time God laughed. "Haha!! Well these are all the figment of your imagination. In humans ive given the power to think anything , it was a brainstorm of an idea, isnt it. There are no angels and demons. Sometimes humans amuse me."

"Ok prove it that you are God", Madhav said. God clapped twice and Madhav felt the grund on which he was standing was slipping away. The scene around him changed and he was brought ro a hospital. Madhav gasped "What the !!! Some kinda special effects God. Where am i?"

"You are in a hospital where your body is being kept" . Madhav looked around a bit and was totally taken aback by what he saw. He saw that in a room he was lying there on a bed , totally limp not even moving a muscle. He mother was crying in one corner of the room and in the other his father was talking to a doctor with a worried look on his face.

"Am I dead", he asked. "Naaaa you are just in Coma", God said. "That means i am going to be dead". "You ask too many questions, dont you?. ", God said. After sometime his gf(Gita) and his best friend(Roy) entered the room. "How is he now ?",Roy asked. "Not good . Things look pretty bleak for him. All we can do is pray" , doctor said.

After some quick talks they both left the room and went to the canteen. God and Madhav followed them. Just when they were about to sit, Gita burst in tears. "Hey Gita I am here. ", Madhav said. "They cannot hear you." , God said.

He heard Gita saying. "Only if i could've told him that i love him very much that he still has friends. I had so much to tell him."Gita said .

"Yes i know he didnt understand . He didnt wanted our help. I couldve helped him." ,Roy said.

Hearing this Madhav started crying "Thats ... thats my best friends. " ."Yea they are and they still like you." . God clapped his hands again and again the scene changed to that of a disco . There he saw his call center friends drinking and smoking merrily. "Whats this dont they know i am in a hospital."

"Oh they know ... But their addiction took them here. " . Madhav heared one of his friends saying . "That Madhav was a no-gooder . First he screwed himself up and now expects us to help" there were nods of appreciation all around.

Hearing this Madhav rage was taking over him. "You fool , I thought u were my friend"

Again God clapped and they were back to the heaven and hell conjunction. "See Madhav , all your life you failed to realize one thing that you have friends who love you. One bad time doesnt mean that youve lost everything. "
"Tell me why do we fall Madhav..... So that we can learn to pick ourself up" .

"I understand what you said . Ive failed all my life. But i wont make the same mistake again."

"Good.", with this God pushed him and Madhav felt himself falling backwards. When he opened his eyes he heard the nurse frantically calling "He is waking up! he is waking up." After a while many people rushed into the room. He saw his family and friends sitting gathered besides him.

Doctor said to him "Someone upthere must really like u son .".

After he fully recovered , he left the call center job and began his business again. He understood the meaning of life. One failure doesnt mean that u've failed for life. Try try untill u succeed, thats what great people are made up of.

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arch said...

hey good work der... sounds very familiar but yeah liked it..

Herat Acharya said...

Familiar .... i dunno.. becoz its my imagination... :D

K said...

Well, it seemed too straightforward and cliched. Try to introduce some variety in the story, it will make it more interesting. Also some of the punctuations need to be corrected.

Herat Acharya said...

Man kirtan..... u r the pro man.... ill do tht :D....

Rodrigo said...
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Shweta said...

hey nice one der :D