Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hidden Google sites....

Google is intriguing to many people (atleast to me).......
These sites perhaps you have never seen on google. But they exist (trust me... :D)..... Here they are the never before seen sites of google .... some created by google ... some not so created by google ....

- Google Mom
A tribute to googlers momGoogle sign

- Google Adsense for domains
It allows the domain name registration companies to fill in the empty spaces they have on there domains.

- Google dance 2004 and Google dance 2005
Check out the party going on in google..... and u thought it must be filled with geeks....... :D

- Google Stock
Get stock quotes using google

- Google docs and spreadsheets
Googles answer to MS office. Its been there for a while now.

- Google's honesty
Check out the humility in google's search results

- Google Wifi
Google provides free WiFi in Mountain View through Google Secure Access, a client that makes the WiFi connection more secure.

- Google Newsletter
A free newletter to all google friends.

- Google's easter game
Google has a online game too.

- Google holiday logos
Check out the google very famous logos for various situations.

- Google Tour
Take a preview into the world of google.

Unofficial google (not developed by google) site

- Google-X
Google-X was a project released by google labs, but was soon shut down due to patent problems.But still several clones/mirrors exist. Above link is a clone.... For other mirror click here

- GahooYoogle
Searches both google and yahoo. How cool can it get ;) ....

- Blackle
Ever heard of an enrgy saving search engine... Well this baby is one... :D

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There is another Google site which i think is cool...