Monday, October 02, 2006

A journey called life

I believe we all have come into this world for some reason. The whole journey of life revolves around this reason. What am i here for? What am i going to achieve in my life? These are some of the basic questions in many people's mind.

The truth is many people don't know what they want from life. Most of us never realise our goals or what we have to achieve , they just keep on living their life discontented. Why do so many people live in state of fear or depression? The reason lies within themselves. I think that's because they are not living the true life, the life that they are satisfied with. They try to convince themselves that they are living the happy life , which they aren't. Maybe they are in the wrong profession or living in the wrong place or with the wrong person, the reasons are infinite.

Actually life has to be lived with fulfillment, with great wisdom and joy. This is what many people fail to recognise. Our truths, the secret to a happy life lies within us not with the external world, because the world holds no answers. Its time we find ourself, who we are, what we want. If that happens you'll find that life is a joyous walk in the park, rather than a road full of thorns.

Look in your heart guys , you'll find answers that many people never get in their life time. This is the time to be who we are, time to belive in ourself. So guys have a happy and successful life because -
"Life's an ice-cream enjoy it before it melts. "

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chinmay said...

its cool, and its true......

man keeps finding his happiness all over the world, but unless and untill he realises that happiness cant be forced. we say in marathi,"samadhan mananyat asate"

damn true.......