Friday, August 25, 2006

Science vs religion

For centuries there has been a single debate that has baffled most of the minds in the world. Is science better than religion? People say religion is capable of answering all the questions, the holy books describe the way of life , but the way science is progressing i think it'll answer all the questions of life.

Even today lots of so-called miracles occur, for instance the sweet water that was discovered in mahim, people called it miracle water but do they know the real reason behind it. They believed it was the miracle of Allah and blindly drank it without knowing the hazards. After a few days the hindu gods were found drinking milk.

I believe religion was founded to guide people in the right way, to have a perfect life and Gods are our guides.

For last few decades scientist have been finding the secrets to life, for instance the big bang theory discovered by Edwin Hubble described how earth was created. But does the religion accept this theory? We still have to make some progress in finding the secrets to life.

My take to this whole debate is that let religion be used for guiding us , providing us the perfect path, and as for science it will keep on answering all those questions of life and mankind...

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